The basis of research and development is a good team that will help you to build a quality foundation for your project.

We gained this knowledge based on our long-term experiences, which we have received from this field in the last 15 years. We have gone all the way from the glimpse of the first thought through research and development with all the positives and negatives during this difficult process. In the end, we came to number of successful patents. We also managed a long and painful journey where we learned how to fund projects. We have reached all our goals and we are introducing our products to the market every day. This experiences has led us to establish I & AAT to cover all our visions as well as the needs of the market and our worldwide customers.

What do we offer?

  • General advice on how to proceed before you invest time and money in research and development
  • intellectual property and "KNOW-HOW" consultancy
  • intellectual property and "KNOW-HOW" protection
  • patent law consultancy
  • ensuring patent protection
  • consultancy in the field of licensing arrangements and business requisites
  • help in finding an investor for your projects
  • market mapping for your innovative projects
  • our help when getting your innovations to the market


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