The Disposable Evacuation blanket is a new and innovative product for the fire protection equipment market, designed for rapid evacuation of persons from burning buildings.
•    eco-friendly and biodegradable
•    non-corrosive and non-toxic
•    safe and easy to use
•    avoid areas and equipment under electrical power


Intended for use in the rapid evacuation of environments affected by fire. When deployed, this special fire suit, impregnated with a patented solution, can withstand the intense heat from a burning building for several minute.  It will even withstand direct flames for up to a dozen seconds, until the cooling medium evaporates. 


Civilian sector
•    Apartment buildings and hotels
•    Administrative buildings
•    Shopping centers and multifunctional complexes
•    Cinemas and theaters
•    Sports halls and gymnasiums
•    High-rise buildings
•    Underground parking

Public transport
•    Personal vehicles
•    Public transport vehicles
•    Public transport terminals
•    Tunnels

Industrial sector
•    Manufacturing
•    Chemical industry
•    Mining sector
•    Quarries

Emergency services
•    Protection of individuals and emergency personnel in buildings
•    Protection of individuals and emergency personnel in bush and forest fires
•    Protection of individuals and emergency personnel in emergency situations

Security forces
•    Armored vehicle crews
•    Soldiers in bunkers and in buildings
•    Special units
•    Police officers facing crowds of protesters
•    Military bases and hospitals

Technical specifications:

Minimum shelf life: 5 years from date of manufacture
Intended use: protection while exiting a building affected by fire
Heat resistance: a few minutes
Flame resistance: a dozen seconds
Storage temperature: 5-70°C / 41-158°F


Package integrity must not be compromised. 

Package must be discarded if leakage of the impregnated solution occurs at any time during storage or handling, as the Evacuation Suit will no longer function as intended.



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