PPUP - 17


Newly formulated fire resistant purely inorganic mass was developed as plug anti fire element. 

1) What the PPUP-17 offers?
•    Easy manipulation, the delivery in plastic bucket weighting 10 kg.
•    Bucket contains two mass participants (smaller amount in plastic bag).
•    Customer should perfectly homogenize both powdered parts.
•    The addition of fresh water is done by following rule: Each 100 g of the powder mix needs 90-100 ml of water. (The best way is to ad powder mixture into the measured content of water and stir continuously).
•    The foaming effect starts quickly (5-10 minutes) and the application of the pouring mass should be done in this short time. The hardening will be observed in 10-12 hours at normal weather conditions.
•    The foaming effect expands the volume of the applied mass in range of 30-50 %.
•    The oversized foamed parts could be separated by the saw when hardened..
2)Resisting to the temperature up to 2500 °C:
Resistance to the high temperature was tested by the oxygen burner up to the 2500 deg. Centigrade. Direct flame attack shines the mass surface but any visible damage was observed when cooled. The foamed mass has low thermal conductivity and could be easily compared with organic polystyrene.
3) Certification:
The   PPUP -17 could be certificate according to the costumer application as a plug or sealing fire resistant mass. According to the certification of good anti fire quality of the PPUP -17 mass we present result of the Czech authority organisation (PAVUS).
The mass in form of panel (200 x 200 x 35 mm) was directly built in the kiln wall contra open flame of the burner (1750 °C). On the opposite site (cold) were measured temperatures by various thermocouples registering rising temperature in time. The test ends when the thermocouples register the temperature 140 deg. Centigrade. Presented sketch declares the time close to the 120 minutes for the fire resistance of the thickness of 35 mm only.

The fire resistant test proved also that during the burning test the mass do not produce the gases. It is the following prove of purely inorganic base of the PPUP-17 made from stabilized participants. Due to the foamed structure the shrinkage during the burning test is minimal as shown on the picture..

4) Use of PPUP-17:
Newly formulated fire resistant mass offers various application possibilities:
•    Fire resistant plugs in building constructions (especially high panels buildings) ,
•    Fire resistant plugs of the energetic, water or gas tubes,
•    Fire resistant plug and sealing mass for the electric cables,
•    Fire resistant plug for the joints and fissures in constructions
•    Fire resistant spread mass for a spatula application,
•    Fire resistant spraying mass for the concrete protection coating

7) Packaging and delivery conditions:
The PPUP-17 is delivered in plastic buckets (volume 10, 7 l) – delivery weight is 10 kg.




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