I&AAT attend the UK's largest fire prevention, detection and protection event.

FIREX International is an annual exhibition and conference giving access to the very latest technology from suppliers across the world, cutting-edge solutions and the essential knowledge to ensure life safety. 
The event caters to everyone within the fire safety buying chain from manufacturers, distributors, installers, integrators, consultants to end users.
I&AAT were asked to attend the 2019 event due to the unique products offered around the world making us the perfect fire safety solution provider for your business.

Why we exhibited at FIREX International.

•    We were able to use the bespoke 1:2:1 meeting service to come face-to-face with the right audience
•    To ensure our technologies are at the heart of innovation development
•    Helped us launch new products to a captivated and engaged audience of buyers from over 70 countries
•    Establish and strengthen our supply chain by meeting existing and prospective partners from around the world

FIREX International is the UK's only event where we could position ourselfs alongside the entire fire safety and fire prevention supply chain.

The event helped us to:

•    Demonstrate our innovative fire safety products and get PR buzz for our products
•    Strengthen our brand – perception of quality and value was improved after visitor’s experience of what we had to offer
•    Meet existing clients and generate new business

Here are the highlights of FIREX International 2019:
•    Over 18,000 fire safety professionals visited FIREX International 2019
•    130+ exhibitors showcased over 5,000 fire safety products
•    High-quality products like that of I&AAT were demonstrated in the Fire Suppression Presentation Area
•    Leading experts such as I&AAT delivered over 30+ hours of free advice and guidance

Here is a summary of the key stats:
•    FIREX 2019 welcomed 4% more visitors than in 2018
•    Visitors had a combined annual budget of £6.3 billion
•    42% of visitors had a budget of over £500,000
•    73 countries were represented, demonstrating the high regard in which FIREX is held internationally
•    I&AAT were able to advise top industry sectors: construction; manufacturing; government and property/ real estate on the benefits of having the I&AAT products available to them.


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