Welcome to the I & AAT websites "Innovation & Available Advanced Technology" - which present innovative and available modern technologies.

We are a team of young and experienced people who have been fascinated by the wonders of science and technology since their childhood.

We have been searching for interesting technologies for our own needs and research. Over time, we have managed to take advantage of a decent portfolio of innovative technologies that can be shown the world.

It can brighten the eyes of the children and adults as well, save the lives and return the impacted people back to the society. These technologies are able to make the life easier, to help where nature is not enough, but you can look at nature, enjoy and protect it as well.

All this led us to the establishment of the trading company I & AAT spol. s r.o.

Our goal is to map, search and find the important place in a society and in everyone's life, either through our own forces or through alliances with business partners.


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