Welcome on the web of I&AAT Innovation & available advanced technology, which means innovative and available modern technologies


We are a team of experienced people, who are fascinated by miracles of science and technologiy from our childhood. In last years we have searched out interesting technologies for our own needs and research.
After some time we have created rather nice portfolio of innovative technologies, which we want to show publicly step by step.
These technologies can light up the eyes of young or adult, rescue the lives and return the handicapped people to their former lives. They can make your usual life easier, help where nature is not able enough. On the other side they respect the nature and save it.
This has called us into founding of business company I&AAT spol. s.r.o. Our aim is to track innovative technologies, search them out and find how to use them in usual life of each of us. We will do that alone or in partnership.

Let's go together to explore miracles of science and technology, create better, safer and helthier world. 


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